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First New Blog Post

Well here is my first new blog post on my website.  I have moved old blog posts over from my previous blog.  I hope to post more frequently and keep you updated with the Down on the Farm Happenings.

I do have to say that Leslie is having a hard time dealing with the new Facebook information age.  He doesn't do Facebook so he is not friend but foe.  The other day he was telling me some news and after he was finished I just said "Yes I know about that.  She posted that on Facebook".  He gets all mad and says "I can't tell anyone any news anymore because everyone sees it on Facebook".   Facebook has changed the face of the rural gossip line.  He said that someone told him that they saw my posting a couple of weeks ago when I fell out of bed.   "Well I would have been embarrassed to tell people that I had fallen out of bed".  I thought now was not the time to point out to him that I have on more than one occasion notified the world about his night time tumbles.  

There are times that the freedom of information act can be fodder for divorce court!

From down on the farm where gossip is still appreciated.
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