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Just A Matter of Time

     I know some of my faithful blog readers have wondered how long it would be before I would issue an official statement on my personal opinion of the daylight savings time.   I hate to take up all the space that follows to explain what I could say in a short sentence of "Daylight savings time sucks!".  Now we will for the time being remove the quotient of the fact that we are farmers and the farming lobbys  have long fought the legislation to change the time.   Now I understand very well how what greases the wheels of legislation and the farmer and his pocketbook is no match for the golf course crowd and the business and financial community!

       Since "Our Man Mitch" has dealt another lethal blow I have decided to try and reason something of value from this yet another "real boner" that makes being called a Hoosier a dirty word!  Marital Bliss....Dr. Phil will equate this to proper communication, equal compensation and just eating crow.  I quantify it with never seeing one another.  And that is just what is going to happen at our happy household thanks to "Daylight Savings Time" refered to here after as "DST".  My husband is a farmer.  I work away from the home because my husband is a farmer.  You understand!  The way the U.S. economy is we will import every agricultural product all over the world to compete with the U.S. farmer just so we can be perceived as being open to commerce.  I must be at work at 7:30 A.M.  it is just beginning to be daylight.  As I figure it....since my husband will work until dark (a typical farmers day) and I have to get to bed early in order to rise and be cordial by 7:30 A.M. we will probably not see one another awake until December 20.  We will not be conjugal ...well that is grounds for a lawyer and loss of companionship in most cases!

       My husband and I will be relinquished to letter writing.  A note here..."supper in the your mom....Dr. said I have a yeast infection".  You know the usual verbal conversation will be reduced to pen and paper.  Dr. Phil would be proud.  One has a chance to edit such communications.....Are they too terse...brevity could be interpreted as deceptive...absence of terms of endearment!  Yes...Let's deal with the terms of endearment part!  Prior to the "DST" fiasco it was bad enough dealing with planting time on the farm.  I would be in bed and some warm body would crawl in beside me some time in the wee hours of the morning.  I never bothered to ask who they were or if they needed any share of blanket.  Now I will reduced to  hoping that I recognize my husband come harvest time as I will rarely see him in the daylight hours.  But I also acknowledge the fact that golf is an important industry in this country.  When we sit down to dinner at night and we review the items on our dinner plate we think..."gee I wonder if the guys at the shop were able to play a full 18 holes after work this evening". " My this steak tastes just as good as sinking a bogie at the course last Thursday evening."

     It is 9:00 P.M. right now and I can't even get my dog in the house because she thinks it is still daytime!  Animals function on the solar clock.  Cows, chickens you name any animal it's cycle is geared to the rise and set of the sun.  Not the time on the clock at the statehouse in Indianapolis!   Me too!  I will have to be going to bed while it is still daylight in a few weeks in order to rise at the time I need to be at work.  I can only imagine the impact on the dairymen.

    Oh well, we all know by now that money talks and common sense never has a say,  so I will accept the edict as it has been sent down from the Mount- Indianapolis.   I will turn my clocks 1 hour forward against all laws of nature and reason or better judgment because it is the law as it has been voted on by those we have been so misguided to choose as our voice.  I will accept the fact that our state will have numerous time zones because it is more advantageous for their counties and they have appealed to the state for permission for "special exception".  So I have accepted the fact that we as a state have regressed back to the early days when practically every province sets it's own time according to a whim.  I would like to see "our Man Mitch" sell our state now as being "progressive" and "foreword thinking".  We are back to what we were in the early 1800's.  But hey!  I am nostalgic.  Shall we just propose that the new Colt's Stadium be lit with kerosene lamps!  How about the new I-69 toll road be a log road like the old national road 40 was in days of yore.  Let's just see how nostalgic the progressive administration is to that!   With the stroke of the clock of 10:00  P.M. my farming husband comes in.   He has worked until sundown.  Sundown in April at !0:00 P.M.   How absurd is that!  I guess I am the last resistant to progress.....Screaming all the way.....!  And who cares.....

From down on the farm in Indiana

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