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The Brain Schematic

The Brain Schematic
     I know you are like in me in wondering why each of us is so unique.  I am not speaking in terms of our physical appearance but in our personalities and our gifts and weaknesses.  Some of us have an affinity for art, or music.  Maybe some are excellent dancers or have an exceptional aptitude for crossword puzzles.  From time to time I have watched T.V. programs on the brain and how it works.  It seems like scientists understand more about brain function  when it doesn't work properly such as someone with schizophrenia or epilepsy.  I can not believe with all of the finite MRI's and scans, brain wave mapping and all the technology that they have not come up with a brain schematic.  You know one that is individual to each person given their cranial make up.  For heavens sake you can get a personal horoscope, bio rhythm chart, even your own personal ovulation chart, but no brain schematic. 
     For a little side bar here a schematic is a map essentially.  Most generally it is used in electronics.  It shows all the electrical components etc. and the circuit wiring to make the "unit" function.  Now you can't tell me when they know the various portions of the brain and the personality traits that are processed in those areas that they can't produce a personal road map for each of us.  Wouldn't that be great!  Little Johnny is in the nursery in the hospital and his brain schematic is tacked to the foot of his crib.  They send it home along with the birth certificate with Mom and Dad.  On this schematic you could see various points of interest such as:
  Little Johnny has minimal current running to the portion of the brain that deals with cleanliness and organization.  O.K. I don't think as a parent I would start saving for medical school upon that revelation.  Maybe little Susie has a big capacitor at her promiscuity quadrant.  Time to send her to Convent school and be done with it!  Margie has a low amp fuse right there on the child tolerance bypass.  It is not going to take much to push her to the let's suggest that she be a career woman and leave the child rearing to others.   Just think of how we could streamline society with this technology.  Forget those piano lessons when Wayne has a pour soldering connection right there at the forte junction.   Boy it sure would make dating easier.  You could take your schematic with you to the singles bar.  Just scan prospective possibilities.  Hey this guy has a high voltage breaker at the pleasure board but has a broken wire at the commitment modulator...Not exactly husband material.  You will know exactly what you are getting.   
     Just think what an aid this would be to teachers.  You could find out the math aptitudes and the English weaklings.  I think it would most helpful when it comes time to elect our officials.  All political candidates would have to make available as a matter of public record their brain schematic.  Forget their finances.  The brain schematic will tell you more about what the person is predisposed to do than what a creative accountant has managed to make available for publication.  We could see first hand if our leaders have a large brain area mapped for compassion or heavy duty wiring for war.  We could also check out the region of conscience.  Is there activity or has it suffered a complete short circuit.   We could even tell if a future president has a passion for pizza and cigars but is a little short changed in the area of guilt processing.    These are things that I am sure that George Orwell would be questioning if he were alive during this time.  The only problem is when you know someones schematic it would be tempting to modify the factory issue.  You know what I mean like when you have a fuse constantly shorting out in your car and you wrap aluminum foil around it to keep the circuit open.  Gosh if that were to happen....we would be deluged with professional wrestlers and NASCAR Drivers!  Now the idea is too scary.
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