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The "Y" Chromosome

      I am but a humble country scribe.   The finite characteristics of genetics are far beyond my grasp.  The embryology I had in school made me practice effective birth control if that tells you anything.  I have often wondered to the differences of an "X "chromosome member of the human race as to what the "Y" chromosome has attached that makes it so foreign to our perception.  I have to tell you a week or two ago me and another girl friend took a "chick trip" you know where you go away for the week end and visit all kinds of neat shops and take home tours and visit wineries etc.  We made the mistake of taking this same excursion a couple of years ago and taking our husbands.....definitely....been there...done that.   They were so bored that I  even think my flannel P.J.'s I wore were more exciting to my husband than the itinerary for the weekend.

     Anyway on the latest girl weekend me and my friend were in this "chick store".  I mean a store with all kinds of candles, primitive nicknack's, linens etc.  And there he was.  Standing out like a black sheep in a field of white wool...a man....a husband no less....and a receptive customer.  He was talking with the shop keeper.  He was asking questions and calling out to his wife  "come see this".  We heard him then discuss the neat things they saw on their last trip to Ireland.   It took all my strength not to ravage him right there in the store.  I couldn't even tell you what he looked like but OH......the kindred spirit!  I bet he has to even take out the manual to figure out how to use the T.V. remote.  My friend had also picked him up on the radar and we talked about this revelation at length over a latte at the "chick" coffee shop.  We wondered if we had experienced an encounter with an alien being!      How did this woman meet this rare and exemplary creature.  Where did we do go wrong in trolling for these prime catches and ending up with our oh so "macho" husbands.  What would it be like to have a husband with a "Y" chromosome with what I refer to as the "X" coefficient.  You know Y to the X power.  Not gay but with all the sensitivities.  Instead of beer and Nascar we are talking red wine and the art museum.   My gardens at home would not only have the woman's touch but the man's structure.  The house would be decorated with embellishments of arts and crafts movement and not Hanes underware and tube sock decor.  The one consolation is that I have so many sisters in my sorority of woe that I really don't feel short changed.  I appeal to the practical side of this "Y" chromosome.  Fact in point....take note...decorating magazines, housewares, and all kinds of embellishments is a big business in marketing today.  A man that knows the difference between bullion fringe and a French Press coffee pot is hot commodity.     

        I look on this one point of reality.  Martha Stewart.  She is single!  Why?  Perhaps she can't find a  carrier of the "Y" chromosome that can stand up to the organizational skills and the penchant for garnish that she possesses.  And here I sit in farmland Indiana.  Caught between the cultural apex of tassels on the drapery tie backs and manure on the shoes at the back door.  I guess I rather like the sudden jolt of juxtapositions.  You know when you think you have plenty of room to pull into a parking space and then you abruptly hit the curb.  Life is rather like that don't you think.  Just when you begin to drift beyond your reason the real world slaps you in the face with a cold wet fish.   I will continue to burn my lavender candles over the smell of "beans and cornbread" and I am happy to have a foot in both worlds of reason.  The dreamy state of self indulgence and the reality state of "you need to trim your toe nails".

       They have cloned a sheep and a cat.  All kinds of "new world" genetics are taking place.  But have they really touched upon the real question...Can a true carrier of the "Y" chromosome like monogrammed stationary and WANT to stay in a bed an breakfast that serves scones for breakfast instead of biscuits and gravy.  I think it all falls back to Darwin.  The survival of the species stuff.  If we as "X" chromo carriers had not kept the  "Y" carriers from living in squaller, disease and starvation  we might have seen the evolution of a superior "Y" carrier.  But alas, as the "X" chromosome's care giver's nature is so prevalent we have nurtured this "Y" dependent to the point that our days of seeing a "Y" carrier of sensitivity and artistic inspiration as a nearly extinct species.  We have forced our own selection of dominance by feeding the dependent "Y".  Oh well, we must dance to music that we have written.  We shall drink Old Milwaukee in cut crystal flutes, with pattee' and salsa while watching "Blue Collar T.V." on the satellite.  Yes Dr. Darwin....we have evolved!

(c) 2013 Ellen Wilson-Pruitt
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