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Poppy Puppy Report

We are pet parents down here on the farm to a Sheltie named Poppy.  I frequently post Poppy happenings on Facebook in the "Poppy Puppy Report".  I have even had strangers come up to me and tell me that they read the PPR on Facebook so I thought it only fitting to include them here.  You know how parents brag on their kids.

George CooneyPoppy Puppy Report: Well the new Pet Smart is open in Martinsville and Poppy's mom brought home a new puppy toy to mark the occasion. It is a plush flat raccoon. At first Poppy wasn't too sure about it but after a few minutes she was carrying him around everywhere and shaking him. We call him "George Coonie". He has a squeaker in his head and his tail. This morning she was chewing on him and he squeaked. It scared her. She checked all over him...I think she thought he was hurt. I always knewGeorge "Coonie" was a sensitive guy   that wasn't afraid to cry... :)
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