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A Pocket Full of Washers

Farmers are innovators and able to use whatever they have on hand to make things work. A washer here, some bailing wire there, a bit of duct tape and the plane is ready to fly to Paris. I had this verified yesterday.

I forgot to run the dishwasher before I left yesterday morning.
When Leslie swung in from the field last night just long enough to eat a bite he tells me he ran the dishwasher.

I tell him thanks for doing that. He is thoughtful that way. He says "you are out of the dishwasher soap in the box". I tell him "that is OK" and show him that I have those little fancy pillow packs as I call them. He has a really funny look on his face and says "Well I don't know anything about those but I just put in some Tide and bleach instead. It's soap isn't?" Thank heavens my face did not freeze in that awful horrified contortion. He opens the dishwasher and takes out a bright and gleaming clean plate and says "see nice and clean". I nod and say "yes, with no hint of ring around the colllar and that fresh clean mountain air scent too."

I promptly sent Thomas Edison back to the field with a pocket full of washers and some duct tape.

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