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Diet Veteran

Doing the diet thing again.  Urgh!  I am such a seasoned veteran on the war against cellulite that if I wore all my combats medals my chest would look like Audie Murphy's.   Portion control is what it's all about I know.  They say a "lean protein" portion should be the size of a deck of cards.  Tarot cards...they are a nice size, but wait I have decided to gauge my portion on the size of a deck flash cards for severely nearsighted first grader!  
The "raw" food thing is all the rage now too.  I can see its merits.  Yesterday I thought I would make some gazpacho.  By that time of the afternoon I was so starving that I sort of over did the portion control thing (it was tasty) and ate a bit more than I should.   This resulted in the colon cleanse of a life time!  I spent the evening in constant movement (physical and otherwise) back and forth to the bathroom and changing clothes once as a result of Poppy running interference in my path.  Today I should be completely toxin free and I think dehydrated because I have already drank almost a pitcher of ice tea!  I do think the diet thing is working though.  I could have sworn my toes looked thinner last night.  Well maybe that is just because I got reacquainted with them from staring down at my feet while reigning as queen of the porcelain throne.
I wonder where I should pin my new diet medal?  It is rather large and resembles a roll of Charmin!
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