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A Hoosier Redneck’s Review of the Royal Wedding

A Hoosier Redneck’s Review of the Royal Wedding
            I bet you are wondering how we managed to be invited to the wedding of this century, well as the American trailer park style reporter I attended as a special envoy.  I of course took Leslie as my escort in ascot.  The crowds up the street are amazing.  Leslie said it reminded him of the Snake Pit years ago at the 500. Here we sit in the big church.  Am I ever glad that I brought bigger cushions for us to sit .

Life's A Sitcom

     If you ever wondered where a show like Seinfeld gathered
ideas for their situations....wonder no more.  Everyday
life.  Allow me to share what I just encountered.  I
received a card in my mailbox at home that I had something
to pick up at the post office.  O.K. I go uptown on my lunch
hour to the post office.  I drive around for a while to find
a parking space.  I go in and stand in line for about 10
minutes or so while the fellow ahead of me completes a

A Self Proclaimed Title

      As with so many day to day things that many people accept and never question I sometimes wonder why things are the way they are.  It sounds like a mantra from the sixties but I was just a wee babe when the age of self-examination was in full bloom.  No, I am referring to how people classify themselves.   If you were given a list of occupations and asked to choose the title that would best explain your chosen task in life what would that be.   If you would say “mother” no one would question this if they knew that you had raised children.

Yard Art=Self Expression

It is human nature to want to exercise the right of self-expression.  After all that is what sets us apart from the other living species.  It is the ability to re-invent ourselves that make us the superior beings.  When I was in high school in the 70's we had dress codes.  The administration never missed the opportunity to remind us that "you are judged by what you wear".  Now today that materialistic way of thinking would be frowned upon but hey we were wearing polyester and paisley for heaven's sake!

The Dating Game

     In watching TV there has been a tidal wave of ads for an internet "matching" service.  This service via the internet will ask you questions and create a "profile" and then match you with prospective people that are compatible to you.  When these ads appear I say a silent prayer that goes like this..."I thank you Lord for the fact that I am not having to date anymore!"  To me that is the biggest positive point in staying married.

Ballad of the Hot Flash

      I have often wondered where some of the great songwriters get their inspiration.  I know there are more songs written about love, young love,  lost love, unrequited love, unfaithful love, and eternal love just to name a few than any other topic.   There are songs about trucks, cars, rodeos,  wars, even a favorite food like Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" for example.  I think a song should be about something that most of the population can identify with.

Everyone is Equal in a Tiara

     My, my how things have changed since I was little.  In reflecting on the fact that I am due to have another birthday this week and thus push myself ever closer to the dark abyss of 50 I am pondering how things have been changing at an ever faster progression.  Let's take something that you probably haven't even considered.  The beauty pageant.   That's right.  The claim to fame that every former "queen" always considers to be part of her resume or even heaven forbid her obituary.

Just Another Day Down on the Farm

     I have some who have asked why I haven't written more about farm life.  Well it is pretty much like everyone else's  life I guess and I don't really think that there is a lot that might be interesting, but then maybe I am wrong.  Take for instance the mental picture of farm life.  Life on the farm is probably romanticized about as much as any other way of life.  We don't tend to think of the life as a slum landlord in New York City as romantic, but the rural country life evokes pictures of rolling pastures and content cows with flowers and butterflies.

March Down on the Farm

     People unfamiliar with farm life here in Indiana often ask me about what it's like at various times of the year.  It is definitely a seasonal and calendar driven life.  I believe that most people have a nostalgic impression of farm life and given its realities and the speculative financial nature it is best to let them think of Lassie and Timmy.  But none the less allow me to tell you about this season and what you could expect if you came here on the farm for a visit.

Indiana Winter Tourism

      Greetings from the Indiana Dept. of Tourism.  We would like to invite all our friends from Southern climes to come and visit us during this most enjoyable time of the year.  Why slather on suntan lotion hoping to add some color to that jail pallor. 
When you are here in Indiana just leave some skin unexposed to the elements and in no time you will have a rosy glow like you did when grandma scrubbed you with lye soap.
And what about all the lovely ice sculptures.
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