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Bless His Heart

         A fabulous artist that I like to think of as my friend, Mariela told me this story about a lady who said that you could say anything you wanted to about a person as long as you ended with "bless their heart".  So in essence you could say "Joan, she is worst home-wrecker in three counties....Bless her heart".  When she told that story we all laughed and now "Bless their heart" is the quite joke.   Now with that seed planted for future cultivation I will proceed.

Bedroom Safety

        I don't recall the exact statistics of the number of injuries that occur while conducting our day to day life activities at home  but I do remember that it was alarming.  To that point I began to try and analize best how to head off an impending calamity that I worry about every evening as the sun decends.  We have something that happens in our bedroom at home that we really don't like to talk about outside of the family but I feel that talking about it can only help lead us down the road to recovery.

When You Least Expect It

       Now this topic is something that only a woman can sympathize with.  Men are rarely concerned about getting caught out in public by someone they know only if they are engaged in something that constitutes an affair.  Well most women will tell you that just when you think it is safe to run to the store with out make up or looking just a little haggard you will most surely get caught.  I must say that I have experienced just about every possible indignation in that sense.

Just A Matter of Time

     I know some of my faithful blog readers have wondered how long it would be before I would issue an official statement on my personal opinion of the daylight savings time.   I hate to take up all the space that follows to explain what I could say in a short sentence of "Daylight savings time sucks!".  Now we will for the time being remove the quotient of the fact that we are farmers and the farming lobbys  have long fought the legislation to change the time.

Wow What A Job!

      Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a different job than you currently hold?  Of course you do!  If you are like me you wonder every day of your life!  What would be the ideal job to suit your expectations and showcase your talents.  The word "Job" in itself has a certain dark conotation.  When my sister was doing her student teaching at the middle school she was wrestling with the "real world demon".  Her education professors had painted a picture to these aspiring educators that when they receive their much earned, expensive degree they would  venture into the world of young minds hungry for knowledge.

The Brain Schematic

The Brain Schematic
     I know you are like in me in wondering why each of us is so unique.  I am not speaking in terms of our physical appearance but in our personalities and our gifts and weaknesses.  Some of us have an affinity for art, or music.  Maybe some are excellent dancers or have an exceptional aptitude for crossword puzzles.  From time to time I have watched T.V. programs on the brain and how it works.  It seems like scientists understand more about brain function  when it doesn't work properly such as someone with schizophrenia or epilepsy.

The Mammogram

I am very fortunate to be healthy.  And I thank the Lord everyday for that fact.  I am also thankful for wonderful diagnostic tests such as the mammogram.  I know several ladies that have been saved by this early detection.  That being said I would like to reflect upon... The Mammogram For every woman it is one of the most dreaded times of the year.  No not spring cleaning or summer vacation from school.  The time for your yearly Mammogram.  You notice that I treat it's name with the reverence that it's impending discomfort deserves.

The "Y" Chromosome

      I am but a humble country scribe.   The finite characteristics of genetics are far beyond my grasp.  The embryology I had in school made me practice effective birth control if that tells you anything.  I have often wondered to the differences of an "X "chromosome member of the human race as to what the "Y" chromosome has attached that makes it so foreign to our perception.  I have to tell you a week or two ago me and another girl friend took a "chick trip" you know where you go away for the week end and visit all kinds of neat shops and take home tours and visit wineries etc.

Can She Make Gravy?

     With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I marvel at the cooking programs on T.V. that give the nod to one of the most challenging tasks in culinary execution and that being making gravy.  I still find this hard to understand.  Where I come from in rural Indiana you were not considered fit to date until you had the proper instruction in the "art" of making gravy.  Now for those of the less rustic palette when we usually refer to "gravy" here in the heartland it is one of two things.
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